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Playlist Placement and Streaming Campaigns

30 day streaming on all platforms listed below

*Your song pitched to playlist curators on all streaming platforms below until we get 3-5 placements per platform listed below.

*Note: Your song will only stay on these playlists for 30 days.

Playlist placements

- Spotify

- Youtube Music

- Amazon

- Tidal

- Apple Music

- Napster

- Pandora

*BONUS: up to 3 songs (add $300)

*3 of your songs pitched to all platforms shown above, with 3-5 placements on each platform. (Please send three links to different songs for this package)

10 Spotify Playlists Campaign

Your song is submitted to pool of 200+ playlist and scheduled on 10

(great for streams and Followers)

Stays on playlist 4-6 Weeks.

Few Playlist examples: 

Saturday Music

followers 14,991

Weekly Charts

followers 15,050

$1,800.00 per campaign

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