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Mainstream and College Radio Play

Although we are in a digital/ social media/ streaming era radio still plays a very vital part in an artists success. Whether its creating a new fan base at the college level or a hit record in constant rotation on a major station radio spins will help your growth TREMENDOUSLY (and get you paid)! I will pitch your music to radio stations in both big and small markets as well as a college network of over 150 stations. 

Breakfast Club + the Hottest radio shows promo pack


*10 Station Campaign:

*Your song in Rotation for 60 DAYS.

Each station will play your song 1-3 times per day. All stations will play the mix shows simultaneously in different markets. The timeframe of airplay is broken down as followed:

The Breakfast Club:

Airtime: 7am - 11am PST/10am - 2pm EST

On Air with Ryan Seacrest:

Airtime: 4pm - 8pm PST/7pm - 11pm EST

The Steve Harvey Morning Show:

Airtime: 11pm - 3am PST/2am - 6am EST

The Power Hour

Airtime: 11am - 12pm PST/2pm-3pm EST

The Sheryl Underwood Show

Airtime: 3am - 7am PST/6am-10am EST

The Traffic Jam

Airtime: 3pm - 4pm PST/6-7pm EST


$2,000.00 starting rate

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