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BET Jams Music Video Placement

I offer MUSIC VIDEO PLACEMENT and PROMOTION ON BET JAMS as well. Get 3 hrs of the @bet_jams instagram live take over, get Fresh Face Friday mention, and get your video played 2 to 3 times per day on Bet Jams Playlist! From 1 day to 90 days we can make your campaign as long as you need it to be!

BET Jams Premiere

(5k+ Value)

* Runs for a month.

* 4-6 spins a week on BET Jams

*Eta process to Publish 2-4 weeks with no edits 4-6 with edits


- Clean edit video file via WeTransfer or Dropbox  [(Audio: Completely blank out ALL profanity. (Do not slur the words.) no nudity, no cleavage, No bare behind shots, no guns, no middle fingers, no gang signs no drugs or drug paraphernalia]

*Editing fee {{$30 per edit to max out at $600 or $300 minimum}}

-Song Artwork Cover

-Song Bio

- Lyrics to the song

*the following song links:





$3,500.00 starting rate

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